Westland Distillery: The Outpost Range

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For centuries, a well-charted tradition in whiskey has established a covenant about how it is made. But there is another, decidedly American, tradition to uphold—to challenge accepted conventions with the conviction that there is always more to be discovered.

We believe that the world of whiskey is not flat and that it is time to step beyond what we have inherited. We find ourselves at the edge of a new frontier, but the edge is not the end of what we know, it is just the beginning of what we have yet to explore.

The Outpost Range, rooted in true provenance, explores the unknown possibilities left to be pursued in single malt. This new collection of whiskeys includes Garryana, Colere, and Solum American Single Malts. Each release marks a new outpost in our ongoing exploration of the vast frontier of whiskey.

Lifestyle image of a bottle of Colere 2nd edition close to its box and a whisky glass

The second edition of Colere continues our exploration of new varieties of barley, bred outside the commodity system with flavour first in mind (not just yield). Colere Edition 2 is a limited annual bottling made with Talisman, a 2-row winter variety descended from the irrepressible Marris Otter and matured in only used casks to relegate the oak influence to a supporting role and focus the attention on the grain itself.

Image of a bottle of Garryana American Single Malt whiskey with a glas on the front lifestyle

Edition 5 has a higher percentage of Garry Oak casks in the blend than any previous edition. Combining pale malt spirit with only peated spirit, it is also the simplest in construction. 

Lifestyle image of Garryana 6 bottle with a glass in front

In Edition 6, Garry Oak co-mingles with both Brandy and Sherry casks. The Brandy gives a bright filter to the savory spice of Garry Oak while the Pedro Ximénez sherry brings classic darker fruits with muted sweetness.